Included in Rent

  • Reception & Security
  • Heating
  • Business Rates
  • Broadband / Internet
  • Onsite Car Parking

Pay as you Go

  • Telephone
  • Electricity
  • IT Support
  • Furniture

Office Space

We have a variety of different sized offices and complimentary support services available to suit any budget. Big or small, but always secure and environmentally sustainable.

Our flexible office packages are tailored, so you only pay for the space you need and the services you use, offering short, medium or long-term leases to fit your changing business requirements.

All offices come unfurnished as standard; however, upon request we can provide furniture, telephone handsets, phone extensions and much much more to create that special working environment.

In order to get a true feeling of what it's like to work in these offices, why not arrange a visit and come and see this great facility for yourself.

Unit No. Dimensions Square Feet No. of People* Availability  Price / Week*
1 5.47m x 3.30m 194 3-4 Available £105.00
2 5.80m x 3.70m 231 6-8 Available £115.00
3 4.49m x 3.70m 179 3-4 Available £96.00
4 3.48m x 3.70m 139 2-3 Already Let -
5 2.98m x 3.70m 119 2-3 Already Let -
6 2.99m x 3.70m 119 2-3 Already Let -
7 3.51m x 3.70m 140 2-3 Already Let -
8 2.71m x 3.33m 97 2 Available £50.00
9 2.88m x 3.38m 105 2 Available £55.00
10 4.07m x 3.38m 148 2-3 Already Let -
11 3.40m x 3.38m 124 2-3 Already Let -
12 5.42m x 8.39m 489 8-10 Already Let -

*The numbers given for people are for guideline only and will be dependent upon the space required by your business. Rates exclude VAT and assume a standard six month rolling lease term. Other terms are possible, but will affect the weekly rental cost.